This category represents realized projects - either in full or in pilot operation. Gives

opportunity for all public administration representatives or suppliers to present a wide range of successful projects that are actively implemented and used.

The smart city concept and the possibility of submitting diverse projects is methodically perceived through all KEY areas that enter the complex 'smart city / region' ecosystem.


These are approaches from smart urban solutions, development of classic urban

utilities (energy, water,…) to the use of modern technologies with strong innovative elements

(ICT, IoT).


Evaluation of projects through a general methodology of 4 pillars and at the same time categorization depending on the size of the implementation site, they provide an opportunity to present alongside “large” projects  that also have solutions that affect the lives of citizens in small or smaller settlements.


Despite such live and realized projects, the primary perception of the quality and success of SC is today’s concept of the key stakeholder - citizens of the given seat. And finally also

success of investors and suppliers.