▪ In the tab: Schedule you can monitor the deadlines for submitting the application, announcement results, etc.

▪ On the tab: Announced categories 2020, evaluation parameters you can get acquainted

with declared categories for 2020

▪ Tabs: You submit a project, vision / idea, strategic model / nominate

personality, international project to get acquainted with the category to which it belongs


Your project

▪ As a follow up complete the electronic form: Application 2020 (link to Application 2020

see left) (filling takes about 10 minutes)


The application contains the initial identification data

▪ After submitting your form, the application will be verified and after that, you will receive confirmation email. 


Application receipt (within 3 days)

▪ Within a few days you will receive an email asking you to add additional documents (in accordance with 4  basic assessment parameters / pillars are: (feasibility, sustainability, efficiency & data/citizen). Can be downloaded from: Announced categories 2019, evaluation parameters

▪ Possibility of consultation in compiling more detailed information with SCII - primarily

assumes the use of standard information available to the user / supplier from during the preparation and implementation of the project, we do not require the creation of any special documents


In case of jury nomination and decision - cooperation in the user's visit (approx. 2-3 hours w. presentation and discussion)