(Sustainable FUTURE Smart City / Region)

Every long-term development program (here the Smart City / Region concept) requires the right definition of strategic trends, goals. The concepts emerging 15-20 years ago are already fully supported today and are widely supported for example by the H2020 approach: Smart Cities and Communities, etc.


The concrete reflection of these trends in the long-term development plans of each settlement entity it is then guided by the corresponding strategy, in our case the corresponding development plan SMART CITY / REGION ecosystem. Typical expression and representative of these procedures are strategies (SC ROAD MAPS, ACTION PLANS), perception and promotion of interconnection; and synergies between sub-projects and areas of interest, promoting sustainable development transfer of global experience to the local level, sharing experience, etc.


Therefore, the primary criterion for the success of projects in this category is the complexity of the approach on the issue of SMART CITY in the area of ​​the settlement unit. It may be already applied respectively. approved program for future implementation. It is not closely evaluated the implementation of one partial project (see PROJECT category). However, the evaluation parameters are the same as in the previous category with the perceptive modification complexity, long-term and stability of the developed SC ecosystem.