The development of Smart City / Region ecosystems and individual solutions in the Czech Republic is at a good level.


Active solutions inspire other stakeholders to enter new projects. In addition to those that are already successful. Therefore, we perceive realized projects as a high added value as well as discussion, planning and Preparing projects in all contexts - including monitoring global trends, plans to sharing global experiences with linking local specifics, opening new areas

of interest.


The competition also provides a looser category where intentions and development can be presented as trends that have not yet been implemented and are discussed in the SC community, they can be part of long-term development trends. They inspire stakeholders to discuss, meet and refine ideas as deeper reflection in the preparation of activities in accordance with the rules of Smart City methodologies.


The submitters will demonstrate the basic ideas of such solutions;

structure of 4 basic pillars with modification for unrealized projects (eg. assumptions)

correct feasibility but not verified by practice).